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Renewable Energies

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The start-up

Deploying a unique, innovative turnkey solution, KUDURA enables access to clean energy – for cooking, lighting and make water drinkable – and guarantee the lowest level cost of energy and water for a given location. We create better rural lives by improving health, decreasing deforestation and carbon emissions and creating job opportunities. Our solution, KUDURA, is offered in four variants for SME businesses, rural communities, healthcare centres and schools.

The need

Annually, 1.6M+ people die from respiratory illness caused by open-fire fuel wood and charcoal cooking, which emits over 520M tCO2. Water borne diseases cause 5M+ deaths. Lack of electricity and water has been shown to stunt improvements on education, healthcare and communication.

The solution

KUDURA is a utility in a container, providing clean water and energy where there is none. It provides cost-effective utility access in a market characterised by a strong consumer desire to purchase quality products and services, but that lacks access in places where current strategies are not cost-effective.

The value proposition

KUDURA is the only holistic, integrated solution of its kind in the market. We offer lower relative costs and deployment time coupled with increased scalability, usable life, ISO9000 quality and sustainability. RVE.SOL’s and our partners’ technical capabilities and access to the market enable us to quickly assess local needs and availability of usable raw material, and deploy a complete solution in weeks, rather than months.