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Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

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The start-up

Sadako has developed Wall-B, a device that integrates state-of-the-art computer vision and robotics for the automatic recognition and sorting of valuable material in waste treatment plants. Wall-B is intended to complement existing machinery and human labour to enhance waste recovery rates. Generating economic, environmental and regulatory benefits in a sector with few recent technological inputs and which is becoming more critical to society.

The need

Waste Treatment Plants are subject to the loss of huge amounts of valuable material (2 M € per plant/per year on average) because current processes and technology are not able to recover them in a cost-efficient way. Waste streams and regulation are increasing.

The solution

Wall-B is an automatic sorting system comprised of a robotic arm with a suction cup and 2D and 3D cameras, all controlled by in-house developed computer vision software. The system is able to recognise and pick up any targeted material from an on-going waste stream.

The value proposition

Wall-B is a disruptive technology for waste sorting processes. It allows waste treatment plants to increase their waste recovery rate, a critical metric in terms of economic results, environmental impact and regulatory compliance.
Furthermore, Wall-B is marketed under a revenue sharing model, meaning that no initial investment is required. In addition, Wall-B enables low operating and maintenance costs.