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Market segment:

District Heating Grid, Heating & Cooling, Municipality, Residential building

The start-up

Samster provides a hybrid non-isolated solar panel with a thermal backside.

The need

Heat pump systems rely on geoenergy. The bore hole in the ground normally gets increasingly cold. In larger systems with lots of bore holes there is an essential requirement for recharging.

The solution

This hybrid restores the holes to initial status with solar energy every year. It also uses the surrounding air and water vapour around the clock, as long as the outside temperature is above
zero. Samster delivers hybrids up to whole systems, including heat pumps , control system and geoenergy layer.

With Samster’s solution:

  • Buildings in central Europe can rely on hybrids instead of bore holes.
  • Energy containers can be built from a combination of hybrid systems and heat pumps.
  • Lower costs and higher ROI can be achieved in large systems where the geoenergy layer can be reduced if hybrids are installed.

The value proposition

  • A package of 10 hybrids with all required components can be offered to heat pump installers.
  • Low cost energy for developing countries.
  • System annual performance ( SCOP ) exceeds 5 in large systems.
  • Systems have an excellent performance and high ROI.
  • The same package can be offered with 2 hybrids.