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Ultra-fast electric circuit breakers for medium and high voltage.

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Valhallavägen 79, 11428 Stockholm, Sweden



Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Power transmission

The start-up

SCiBreak’s breaker technology combines mechanical breaking elements and power electronics, and is based on standard power components. This helps to lower costs substantially.

The need

To allow for renewable energy sources penetration, power transmission capabilities must be radically extended, replacing alternating current (AC) with high voltage direct current (HVDC). HVDC requires stable protection equipment such as circuit breakers, which makes it very costly.

The solution

SCiBreak’s technology combines power electronics and mechanical interrupting elements and allows for safe and fault-tolerant operation of HVDC grids at a substantially lower cost compared to existing breaker solutions. This is particularly important in an HVDC grid since the fault currents are not limited and a fault, if not isolated, will rapidly lead to the collapse of the entire grid.

The value proposition

  • Allows for safe and fault-tolerant operation of HVDC grids.
  • Minimises the distortion caused by grid fault, interrupting fault current in milliseconds.
  • Substantially less costly than alternative solutions.