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Smart Energy Efficiency for medium-sized industrial companies

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The Netherlands

Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

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The need

Sensorfact enables medium-sized industrial companies, many of which lack the knowledge and investment capability to make best use of new technologies, to leverage the advancement of the ‘internet of things’ (IoT), and in doing so minimise their operating costs.

The solution

Sensorfact offers a (i) product and a (ii) service.

  • The product is a software tool, which helps the manager of a plant increase its efficiency by providing data-driven feedback.
  • Data-driven process optimisations are offered as a ‘no cure, no pay’ service.

The value proposition

Sensorfact is unique through:

  • Market specific algorithms
  • The combination of a product and a service
  • No cure, no pay
  • The cooperation between a start-up and a large corporation
  • A complete service