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Simplifiing Energy & Business Processes by Innovation.

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Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Power Distribution, Power transmission, Transport & mobility

The start-up

Providing real-time data about energy consumption, big data about the end customer, process simplification and automation by implementing new technologies in utility businesses.

SEPIN helps retail utilities in business and operational processes resulting in reduced costs, increased customer engagement and increased sales. The venture provides metering data and unique data about energy customer behaviour which can be used by marketing, sales and project teams to create personalised offers, real-time promotions and campaigns. SEPIN also optimises other processes, such as master data management, billing and invoicing, and strategy planning and reporting. Utilities are made ready for digital transformation.

The need

A major challenge for energy providers is the lack of solutions to provide and analyse real-time energy consumption data, to provide and manage big data about the end customer, and the extremely complicated business processes in which the end customer is not engaged.

The solution

SEPIN Utilities Platform is providing real-time energy consumption with beacons and big data about customers. Customers can monitor their consumption on a web portal and mobile app, make contact with their energy provider, view their invoice, and participate in a gamification program. On the utility site, tools are provided to analyse all data and use it in all business processes, from the meter to payments.

The value proposition

  • Costs decrease by simplifying business processes.
  • Customer engagement increase.
  • One, end-to-end solution eliminating need to maintain expensive infrastructure from different niche vendors.
  • Sales increase thanks to new sales channel and ability to cross sell.