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Simplex Motion

Half weight – Double torque - Small size

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Energy Efficiency

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The start-up

The advantage of the Simplex Motion smart integrated servomotor is that it offers a very powerful motion control capability, while its maximum weight and size is only half that of other integrated motors on the market.

The need

The industry is going through a transition with Industry 4.0, electrification and integrated servomotors as driving forces. This is leading to an increased demand for small integrated smart servomotors. The difficulty for customers is to find small sized, low weight and cost effective servomotors. Simplex Motion has a solution.

The solution

By utilising a patented sensor technology, Simplex Motion integrated servomotors offer a compact, high performance and a complete servomotor system. Compared with other existing integrated servomotors on the market, Simplex Motion servomotors excel in output torque for their size and weight, as well as cost efficiency.

The value proposition

  • Reduced cost due to cost effective production, installation and maintenance.
  • Reduced size due to the patented sensor solution.
  • Reduced weight due the usage of outer runner motor.