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Smart Charge Box

EV battery charger plus an e-mobility management system

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K.Baršausko str. 59-A342, 51423 Kaunas, Lithuania



Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

The start-up

An EV battery charger plus an e-mobility management system: technical solutions that are scalable to suit any type of common charging stations and grids.

The need

EV users lack the ability to charge an electrical vehicle anywhere and with minimum hassle. There should also be improvements in charging infrastructure maintenance and monitoring, and in charging infrastructure operator business modelling.

The solution

The solution focuses on upcoming technologies and standards, in addition to technologically advanced IOT with smart grid-ready communications.
The company offers the following products: an EVSE with OCPP protocols and management software;
an IOT EVSE charging controller for any existing charging infrastructure; and operator software with business management models.

The value proposition

  • Charging infrastructure usage predictions
  • Easy, fast and convenient EVSE management
  • Infrastructure business modeling system
  • Infrastructure management system
  • Optimized charging, dynamic overload protection
  • Smart grid integration