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Ionic lubrication technology

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

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The start-up

Sol-Ionics provides tribo-chemical solutions for a wide range of lubrication systems.

The need

The market needs an enabling technology for the energy efficient lubrication of lightweight materials and non-ferrous coatings, and lubricant formulations for increasingly harsh operating conditions, including high vacuum and high temperatures.

The solution

Sol-Ionics delivers a broad range of novel halogen-free and hydrolytically stable ionic liquids for lubrication and other applications.

  • Lubricants for a variety of industrial applications,
  • High quality greases that can be successfully used in extreme-pressure conditions, off-road vehicles and water-resistance operations,
  • Industrial chemicals on customer’s demand.

Their ionic liquids are based on halogen-free anions that are environmentally benign and provide high performance. The patented technology is designed for a wide range of tribo-materials and improves energy efficiency and enhances conservation of natural resources.



The value proposition

  • Friction reduction
  • Wear reduction
  • Energy saving