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Smart water heater with advanced innovative features.

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8, Avenue Fernand Julien – Z.A. de Bertoire – 13410 Lambesc, France


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The start-up

An integrated waste water heat pump that offers an 80% energy saving. The optional LaVie treatment can eliminate any pollutant, chlorine or bacteria before showering.

The need

Energy efficiency concerning domestic hot water. Skin can be affected by allergies (pesticides, medicines…), and inhaling chlorine is 1000 times more dangerous than ingesting it. The occupation of space is also an issue in smart cities.

The solution

This patented technology comes in a compact and aesthetic device that is placed in the bathroom. An optional static heat pump increases the amount of stored hot water available by five times, and for free (200L of hot water can be made available for a shower with only 40L stored and heated). The UVA light treatment, LaVie eliminates chlorine molecules and destroys micropollutants prior to showering.

The value proposition

  • Low energy, unlimited usage, small and smart.
  • A lifetime of over 20 years. Very short ROI from 1 to 5 years depending on the EU country.