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Solar Energy Booster

Convert your photovoltaic system into a thermal hybrid solar collector with the Solar Energy Booster add-on

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Solar Energy Booster
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The need

Traditional Solar Energy Panels don’t use all the energy that can be captured from the sun. A substantial amount of heat still needs to be ventilated from the panels. This ‘wasted’ heat can also be used as energy in the building.

Adding heat collectors to allready installed PV panels is often expensive and needs custom solutions.

The solution

Solar Energy Booster offers an add-on to already installed electrical PV systems. Their solution can be added to 85 % of the existing panels, at a reasonable cost.

The value proposition

  • universally applicable – the system fits to up to 85% of the existing PV panels by a variety of manufacturers
  • easy to install
  • can be added on to existing and installed PV installations
  • financially attractive solution in comparison to other photovoltaic thermal hybrid systems