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A modular solar system for off-grid villagers that meets future and present electricity demands for home applications and small businesses.

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The start-up

Integrated fast charging station fuelled by a small CHP system to provide fast charging services to EV & use heat and electricity to satisfy building demands or to inject to district heating networks.

The need

22 million off-grid households in the East African community need electricity using fossil fuels instead. Kerosene used for lighting causes 2.4 billion kg of CO2 p.a. Cost barriers for electricity due to low income of 200USD/month need to be overcome.

The solution

Fast charging stations based on CHP technology reduce the grid-dependence meanwhile offering high energy efficienct solution. This technology provides CAPEX and OPEX reduction of fast charging stations in those places where the grid extension or the grid reinforcement is highly costing and there is also an existing demand for thermal energy. Moreover, the solution improves the energy efficiency of a standard solution.

The value proposition

  • Deliver environmental friendly and energy efficient fast charging stations with low grid impact costs.
  • High energy efficiency, energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction
  • Increase power system reliability by reducing congestion on distribution network
  • Independence from electric grid
  • Decrease the autonomy concern of EV drivers
  • Guaranteed power supply, high availability station