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Solmove GmbH

Innovative smart solar streets.

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The start-up

Solmove commercializes SOLWALK which produces CO2-free electricity, reduces noise and can be equipped with a de-icing function. It is also planned to develop self-illumination, data collection and sensors as a means of improving safety.

The need

More renewable energy production is necessary to reach climate targets. This should be done without consuming potential agricultural land and without an effect on the landscape. There is a requirement for local power generation, consumption and exchange in neighbourhoods and a reduction of snow clearing costs, improved safety and the refinancing of street construction costs.

The solution

Not all suitable roofs are accessible for the installation of conventional PV technologies. SOLWALK is a solid, horizontal photovoltaic module that can be laid on flat sealed surfaces such as driveways, bike paths and car parks. The module surface is skid-proof and catches sunlight perfectly despite its horizontal design and the installation is relatively quick and easy.

The value proposition

  • Better air quality due to less traffic jams.
  • Cost reduction for noise protection measures.
  • Improved safety due to better visibility during the night.
  • Local electricity production, which can be consumed and exchanged locally.
  • More comfortable for users and invisible charging stations.
  • Reduced costs for snow clearing.