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Urbanização Quinta da Gordalina, Lt 8, Lj D .
Sismaria. Leiria, Portugal



Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Heating & Cooling, Municipality, Non-residential building, Residential building

The start-up

Sunaitec is a 100% Portuguese-owned company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced solutions in the field of Solar Energy.

The need

Current solar panel solutions have high maintenance costs and low profitability due to its fixed position during winter, as well as limited duration because of corrosion. They also lack proper architectural integration.

The solution

Based on a concept that intends to combine renewable energy, technology, and energy efficiency, Sunaitec has developed products that enable to capture solar energy and convert it into thermal energy. In addition, it supplies a design for full architectural integration within different architecture variants.

The value proposition

This technology, which has been patented nationally and internationally, allows the capturing of solar energy with various purposes (swimming pool heating, DHW – water heating, heating/cooling – solar air conditioning without heat pumps and production of electrical energy

The Sunaitec equipment, in the form of a solar structure, consists of technical columns and of a variable number of solar thermal or thermoelectric receivers, aligned with the sun by active guidance sensors.

The research is strongly focused on technological innovation, (from engineering of materials, optics, thermodynamics, robotics, to the most recent digital electronics), resulted in a sophisticated and efficient product that reduces the thermal charge and the energy bill. Moreover, it is architecturally integrated and with unique features such us 19x solar concentration and a significant lifetime.