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Plug in the Sun!

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Supersola BV

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2629JD Delft, Netherlands


The Netherlands

Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Solar PV

The start-up

Supersola has created plug-and-play solar panels that can be easily installed by anyone in under 15 minutes

The need

Solar Panels are a big investment, yet it is not possible to test solar panels first or to start out with just a few; it’s a complex process that involves choosing an installer, selecting solar panels, inverters, etc. Furthermore, solar panels are only bought by home owners, not renters.

The solution

The Supersola allows anyone to create solar energy and carry it with them when they move house. Simply place the Supersola on a flat roof (or on any other flat surface), fill the ballast tanks with water with a garden hose or under the faucet, and plug the panel in any regular socket. Done! Start with a single Supersola, or place more and interconnect them with a simple plug-and-play connecting cable. It is that easy to generate electricity and help counter climate change.


  • Modular – start with just one panel or interconnect more Supersolas.
  • No installer/installation required.
  • Plug and play.
  • Plugs into a regular socket.
  • Portable – can be moved to a new home.

The value proposition

  • Just plug in to any normal socket.
  • No large investment required.
  • ROI the same or better than traditional solar panels.
  • Start with just one panel to produce immediate solar energy.
  • The Supersola is mobile. As it is portable, moving is no problem. Great for renters.
  • The Supersola is modular enabling the interconnection of multiple Supersolas.