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Sustainable and green solutions for cleaning oil spills and debris on water surfaces

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:

Industry, Municipality

The start-up

SurfCleaner develops and markets skimmers eliminating and separating all types of pollution from water surfaces with a patented and energy efficient separation process.

The need

Human society generates immense amounts of pollution and waste ending up in nature and in our oceans, which requires highly efficient methods for cleaning polluted water.

The solution

SurfCleaner develops and markets skimmers that eliminate and separate all types of pollution from water surfaces including litter, microplastics, oil, floating sludge and debris. They can be used an be used on the open seas, offshore, rivers, ports, wells, rainwater tanks and water towers. Designed to be as energy efficient as possible, the products can be powered by solar cells, batteries or via grid connection.

The value proposition

  • Collects and separates multiple materials simultaneously
  • Energy efficiency enables off-grid operations
  • Low lifecycle cost due to minimal service and maintenance needs, including over long operation times