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The Verv: Unlocking energy data with AI to create unique smart home experiences

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3 Lower Thames Street
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United Kingdom


The Netherlands, UK

Thematic field:

Renewable Energies, Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Residential building

The start-up

The Verv IoT hub unlocks rich data from the home using AI to offer unique services across energy efficiency, bill reduction and peer-to-peer renewable energy sharing


The need

Utilities are struggling to acquire, engage and retain customers and customers struggle to reduce their energy bills. Carbon emissions and energy bills are increasing and a good ROI on domestic renewables is getting increasingly difficult.

The solution

The Verv hub unlocks granular energy data providing unique real time insights at an appliance level to users, providing utilities with a competitive advantage and the ability to personalise their services. Its P2P energy trading feature improves access to cheaper, green energy and incentivises the uptake of renewables by providing domestic renewables owners with a better return.

  • High-frequency appliance dissagregation in real time
  • Individual appliance usage cost & usage activity
  • Budgeting function
  • Safety notifications if key heated appliances are left on  Blockchain-based renewable energy trading


The value proposition

  • Acquire, engage, retain customers – utilities
  • Reduced energy bills – Users
  • ROI for domestic renewable owners
  • Improved access to low carbon energy