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Energy management made simple with self-configuring control solution and comprehensive dashboards.

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:

Heating & Cooling, Industry, Municipality, Non-residential building, Residential building

The start-up

We offer an easily adoptable energy management solution. It consists of hardware (sensors and controllers) that are installed in a facility and cloud software that provides management capability.

The need

Technical systems in buildings (e.g., lighting, heating, cooling) are in most cases not optimally configured for energy efficiency. Energy is wasted by lighting areas that are not used or heating or cooling areas more than needed.

The solution

More precise monitoring of building parameters, such as occupancy, lighting levels, temperature, humidity or CO2 levels provides information on the actual condition of different areas in the building. Thinnect offers a comprehensive building monitoring/control solution consisting of sensors and cloud software that can be used to collect condition information from the building and control building systems optimally for energy efficiency.

The value proposition

  • Support for multiple applications (e.g., lighting and ventilation) in the same solution
  • Minimum energy consumption while providing the required environmental conditions
  • Obtained energy savings visualized with comprehensive reports