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Next-generation hydroelectric power plants based on biomimicry

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Wijgmaalsesteenweg 6, 3012 Wilsele, Flanders, Belgium



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Renewable Energies

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The start-up

Eco-friendly hydropower  for anyone, anywhere.

Resilient, cost-efficient hydroelectric turbines designed for waterways that were never viable before for hydropower.

The need

About 1.3 bilion people have no access to electricity and many more rely on diesel generators or other polluting sources of energy. Renewables such as wind or solar can be unstable, while large hydro projects cause significant environmental damage.

The solution

Turbulent designs next generation hydroelectric power plants, based on biomimicry. Turbulent is developing a new and efficient hydropower technique to deliver affordable, renewable energy. These hydropower plants range from 5kW to 200kW and are being built using standard components combined with our specifically modelled propeller.

The value proposition

  • Affordable and efficient.
  • Can be installed without large construction works.
  • Designed to work efficiently on sites with a low height difference.
  • Easier to install and more adaptable than most other Hydropower techniques.
  • Uses natural flow principles to convert the river’s available energy into electricity.