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Croatia, Poland

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Energy Efficiency

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The start-up

The proven team is developing highly efficient and reliable industrial compressor based on patented technology that has already been proved its superior performance.

The need

Compressed air systems annual world electricity consumption only in industrial application is 764 TWh (4.2% of all electricity in the world). The cost of energy weights between 70% and 82% of compressor’s life-cycle cost.

The solution

Our vane compressor comprises of a patented vane machine and a unique sliding valve. The vane machine has a cylinder and lateral plates that rotate together with the rotor and the vane. This technology reduces friction and volumetric losses and enables high energy efficiency and long operational lifecycle. The sliding valve permits acting upon the air output of the compressor and as such additionally improves the efficiency of the compressor.

The value proposition

  • Superior energy efficiency than any compressor available today.
  • Enhanced compressor reliability.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Pay off investment in compressor in 25 months.