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Volta Energy

Mobile energy, without noise, smell and emission.

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The Netherlands



The Netherlands

Thematic field:

Energy Storage, Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Energy storage, Solar PV

The start-up

We believe that through combining existing techniques in a smart way with IOT solutions renewable energy can become the heart of mobile energy supply

The need

There is a need for stable mobile energy supply, without the noise, smell and emission which you will get from traditional mobile solutions like (diesel) generators.

The solution

An innovative mobile energy supply that uses renewable energies,
on location, to power the energy demand of the customer on sight.

Solar based
IOT integrated (to secure power)
Easy to use

The value proposition

Customer focused

Strategic Partners and Customers

Ministry of defense, gemeente Arnhem, gemeente Nijmegen, Van Gelre, Tennet, multiple events, HAN