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Volterion GmbH

Highly innovative manufacturer of stacks for redox-flow-batteries and redox-flow battery systems.

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Thematic field:

Energy Storage

Market segment:

Energy storage

The start-up

High accuracy laser welding process, avoiding gaskets which tend to set over time and can cause leakages, Volterion stacks are inherently leak-tight and very robust.

The need

Storing generated energy is a relatively new capability in the electricity industry. Energy storage solutions will eventually become a ubiquitous component of the electricity grid and and many players lack in-house expertise.

The solution

Unlike other battery technologies (Lead-Acid, Li-Ion, NaS, NaNiCl), the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery shows decisive advantages: the battery can be completely discharged and recharged for more than 20,000 cycles, deep discharging without any long term consequences, it is scalable and the system design allows it to be repaired. Volterion sells both VRFB stacks as complete system.

The value proposition

  • Efficient
  • Low cost
  • No leakage
  • Performance
  • Long-life, scalable modular approach with high cycles and high power
  • Fully adjustable to the customers needs