Business Creation


Affordable high performance batteries for the industrial vehicle market (construction, material handling and agriculture).


32 rue des Berges, 38 000, Grenoble, France


Thematic field:

Market segment:

The start-up

Advanced Lithium Power Systems: a modular battery system designed for demanding applications that is more cost effective, more flexible and faster to implement.

The need

There is a requirement to replace the diesel engine by a battery in the construction, material handling and agricultural equipment markets.

The solution

For a cleaner and more pleasant city, we need to replace the diesel engine by a clean power solution in construction and material handling equipment. High performance and modular batteries specifically adapted to this market are the solution.

The value proposition

WATTALPS batteries offer:

  • Full power in any conditions
  • Full range covered by the same technology
  • Full service with a set of tool to optimise life and productivity
  • Lasts a full day without charging