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Take control of your energy consumption

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Thematic field:

Smart Electric Grid

Market segment:

Energy storage, Heating & Cooling, Municipality, Power Distribution, Residential building, Solar PV

The start-up

Watty monitors and keeps track of the energy use of home appliances in real-time. It enables to take control of energy consumption and use the insights to make better everyday choices.

The need

Households are increasingly aware that reducing their energy usage can mitigate climate change. Smart solutions that can help altering energy usage at home without compromising the comfort of the home itself are needed.

The solution

The Watty box is a compact device easily installed in the household’s fusebox. Once connected to the WiFi, Watty’s algorithms can detect and identify most appliances at home, thus giving power to households in providing access to high-quality data, with an intuitive interface, to see what is happening at home and take control of their energy consumption. It can also detect anomalies at home.

  • Simple and compact hardware installed by the fusebox
  • Platform for real-time energy data analysis and appliances patterns’ identification
  • Mobile app for iPhone and Android where users can see and provide feedback to the system
  • Advanced Machine Learning / unique Artificial Intelligence technology for pattern recognition

The value proposition

  • Allow to keep track of what is happening at home in real-time
  • Easy to get and install
  • Affordable
  • Smart: Watty’s artificial intelligence solution can detect and identify households’ appliances.
  • No need to retrofit or change appliances