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Wind My Roof

A discrete, roof mounted small wind turbine for large buildings

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28 rue du Parisis, 95270 Luzarches, France



Thematic field:

Renewable Energies, Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Non-residential building, Onshore wind

The start-up

The start-up offers companies and communities to reduce their electricity bills while taking part in the energy transition. They have imagined and designed a modular roof wind turbine for flat-roofed buildings: it allows you to exploit the potential of wind in urban and peri-urban areas by being installed along the entire edge of the roof.

They wanted this wind turbine to be unobtrusive, quiet and economical, and are committed to providing a solution that is both energy efficient and cost-effective.

The need

  • Price of energy and regulations are pushing buildings owners to install renewable energy productions
  • Solar panels consume space on roofs and weight too much for commercial and logistics buildings
  • Wind can produce more than them in some countries

The solution

The WindBox is a new solution to generate clean electricity on buildings. It is a 1.5 kw wind turbine, horizontal axis, conceived to be installed on the buildings’ acroterion. Its dimensions are 2m*1.5m*1.8m, and it weights 130kg.

In this position, the wind turbine can benefit from higher winds following the building’s façade, and relies on the walls, freeing space on the roof for other applications. the turbine is silent and doesn’t vibrate allowing installation on any type of building.

The value proposition

  • Ability to produce clean power on commercial and logistics buildings with roofs too fragile for solar panels
  • Can complete an existing solar panels installation to maximise the return on investment and bring energy generation at night
  • Exceptional Carbon reduction: electricity produced through the Windbox has a lower carbon intensity than solar panels
  • Allows clean electricity production on buildings with low sunshine
  • A 5k€ winds study delivered by the company will ensure the profitability of a project using windboxes

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