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Wind Tuning Systems (WTS)

Extra noise reduction, higher performance and reduced loads for wind power plants.

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Industry, Offshore wind, Onshore wind

The start-up

Innovative Serration design and several small flaps adhered to rotors via adhesive technology. A passive model and pneumatically controlled models are planed to enhance the yield of wind energy facilities.

The need

The payback of wind turbines is decreasing, but the technological developments required to increase efficiency are progressing in micro steps. Due to noise, suitable locations to run power plants that have a minimal impact both on humans and animals are limited.

The solution

Serrations and Back flow flaps on the wings of wind turbines enhance the aerodynamic stream. The technology is based on an bionic principle: birds’ feathers rising at a high attack angle of the wind increase ascending forces while reducing turbulence. WTS addresses operators of wind parks interested in enhancing efficiency and profit. First as retrofit solution for existing plants, later as add-on in cooperation with producers of wind turbines (e.g. licensing).

The value proposition

  • 0.5-1.5% increased efficiency.
  • Improved flow profile relieves wings and bearings.
  • Noise reduction (extra noise reduction of approx. 1-3 dB compared to state of the art technologies).
  • Payback within 2 years.