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Envelope tracking technology by Wupatec

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

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The start-up

Wupatec’s innovation uses electronic circuitry for implementing a patented version of an ET (envelope tracking) technique which, when applied to transmitters supporting 4G and 5G standards, reduces wasted energy by improving transmitter efficiency.

The need

The exponential expansion in mobile communications is causing a growing energy demand of more than 100TWh in order to power the radio transmitters of base stations.

The solution

A typical application of Wupatec’s ET will improve a transmitter’s efficiency by 20 to 30%, which translates to a potential 2 billion USD/year saving for telecom operators if applied industry-wide, and an equivalent 42 million tonnes of  CO2 emissions saved to benefit the planet.

The value proposition

  • Reduce base-stations OPEX (electricity bill) and CAPEX.
  • Reduce the number of transmitters.
  • Reduce the environmental loading of communication systems.

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