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EV Charging made easy

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Lyautey 5, 75016 Paris, France


Market segment:

The start-up

Zephyre takes care from A to Z of the installation of your electric vehicle charging station, or wallbox. They bring you a custom solution at home or in the office, outdoors or indoors, according to your needs.
Their objective is to give you access to easy and smart recharging, but also to simplify and secure the whole installation and maintenance process.

The need

Companies who want charging stations for EV/hybrid cars but lack knowledge, and more specifically: which charger, which power, which electrical installer, what financing, how to invoice charges?

The solution

Zephyre offers a turnkey solution for the installation of EV charging stations for companies in France. We want to make the EV users life easy, by allowing them to have a charger installed at home or at the office.

The value proposition

Our services are various: audit, advice and support, installation (which charger, which power), installation, management of electricity consumption with a dedicated platform (software), maintenance and supervision, smart charging, invoicing and payment of charges, and financial engineering (subsidy, tax credit, reduced VAT and leasing).

Our electricians have the necessary qualifications and our certifications enable us to carry out the safest and highest quality installation.