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Recycling the most precious raw material in solar modules: welcome to RoSi

December 17, 2019

InnoEnergy France just welcomed a new start-up: the company RoSi.

RoSi’s solution is a complete and innovative process to recycle the most precious raw material in solar modules: highly pure PV-grade Silicon. The Silicon comes either from “kerf”, an industrial waste resulting from the production of solar wafers, or from Silicon fines as PV-Silicon production process loss, or even from end-of-life PV modules. 

RoSi activates a circular economy for PV industry by recycling and revalorising silicon and, thus, bringing it back to the PV production value chain.

Today, urgent action on a global scale is needed to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the consequences of climate change. Development and exploitation of renewable energies and energy efficiency measures is critical in this transition. InnoEnergy, with its long-term vision and wide connection in the energy-related industries, offers ROSI a credible assessment on its innovative technologies and efficient integration in the emerging market of PV recycling on an European scale.