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Scoobic: eliminating pollution, noise and traffic jams from cities

March 24, 2021

Spanish start-up Scoobic develops logistical solutions for urban areas using electric vehicles. Listen to its CEO Jose María Gómez and discover the aims and propositions of this young company whose wish is to make mobility cleaner.

An article published as part of Scoobic’s participation to the Sustainable Mobility Forum by Hub Institute.

Scoobic: our value proposition

Our company was created with the aim of transforming today’s methods of urban logistics (last mile) by offering a new solution that is economically, socially and environmentally sound and puts the emphasis on people (city dwellers and delivery drivers).

Our proposition is based on economical electric vehicles, with unlimited autonomy and interchangeable batteries, which are agile and easy to park, small and narrow but with a large charge capacity. Above all, they are extremely safe and specifically designed for urban delivery, multiplying the number of deliveries per hour, not for the sake of speed but to increase efficiency in arriving at the customer’s door.

In order to achieve our objective, we cover all aspects of the value chain, from design to manufacture, including after-sales service with our partner Bridgestone (First Stop) which has more than 3,000 workshops across Europe. With their training, and the availability of spare parts in their workshops, they guarantee that the Scoobics are always in perfect running order and that our fleet is 100% operational. We offer our vehicles, batteries, chargers and usage data on a pay-for-use basis, at a set price per kilometre with all services included. Lastly, we deal with the problem of end-of-life batteries by recycling them, transforming them into home energy storage devices.

Scoobic’s raison d’être

Having explained what we do, I would like to tell you why we do it. We feel that companies have a role to play in society and that role is to improve people’s lives by making our cities safer and more habitable, by preventing pollution and accidents through safe vehicles and clean technologies, and above all by creating quality jobs in our countries.

The pandemic has taught us a few lessons, one of which is that we cannot depend on China: we need to make our electric vehicles and their lithium-ion batteries here in Europe. The Scoobic Group will open a micro-factory that can meet the local needs of each European country in which we have a presence, Spain, France, Italy, etc., and will have the capacity to create local jobs and wealth for the country’s industry.

And this would not be possible without the support of EIT InnoEnergy, which has put its trust in us from the start, and the opportunity that La Poste has given us by allowing us to conduct a pilot project in France and thus gain knowledge and experience.

Our proposition is this: to change the way we behave, to do something good for our countries, cities and people, to create a better future for our children with cities that are healthier and more pleasant to live in, and to create the logistics for the final mile. Let’s work together for a better Europe.