Get ready to create your start-up!

We support your ideas on the digitalisation of energy

We know our students have aspirations and talent. At InnoEnergy we help you develop both. Whether you are enrolled on one of our Master programmes, in PhD school or have just graduated, prepare to take the next step: create your company with our dedicated Sidewalk programme and turn your dream into reality.

What does the Sidewalk programme offer?

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Count on the support of a team of specialists to help you develop your idea

Having a good idea is a great start, but you need to be sure that it responds to a market need, that you build the right team and have a sound business plan to get that idea off the ground. Our team of specialists will support you in these vital early steps.

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Transform your idea into a prototype

As part of the Sidewalk we will also support you in developing a minimum viable product. You will be able to test and validate it within the InnoEnergy network.



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Benefit from the InnoEnergy innovation ecosystem

Having a network around you helps you develop faster and avoid pitfalls. Thanks to our trusted ecosystem of more than 400+ partners, you will be able to make contacts, find talent and access opportunities that will help make your start-up a success.

Who can apply?


The Sidewalk is open to all InnoEnergy students (Master and PhD) who are currently studying or have already graduated. It doesn’t matter which Master you are enrolled on or what you are studying as the topic for your thesis. The only requirement is that you have a business idea related to the digitalisation of the energy industry. It’s also not a factor if you are working individually or already have a team: as the programme progresses, we will help you take all the steps required to become an entrepreneur with a successful company.



Become part of our start-up ecosystem

How it works?

Next call for projects to be announced


Apply by completing and submitting the online form. You have until the 31 of October. The best ideas will be selected to take part in the programme.

Sidewalk first stage

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If you are selected you will have two months to work on your idea. This part of the process will take place in the country where you live and will be deployed by the regional business creation team in that country.

Intermediate assessment

Intermediate assessment

After this two-month period your business plan will be presented to an assessment committee, this step is required before going through to the final phase.

Sidewalk second stage

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In this next phase of around 6 months, we work together to consolidate your start-up. We will support you in developing a prototype, help test it with potential customers, and reinforce your IP if required.

Apply for Sidewalk!

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We look forward to hearing your idea! Take a step into your future: apply for the Sidewalk today.

Applications are temporarily closed. 



Some questions you might ask yourself

Yes, the programme is open to all InnoEnergy Master students (1st and 2nd year) and PhD students enrolled on a course. You will need to organise yourself to make both things compatible, so be aware that the Sidewalk includes mandatory sessions that you are required to attend.


Support services (training, coaching) are offered at InnoEnergy’s regional offices. You will need to travel to the nearest InnoEnergy office, that applicable to the university you are studying at. If there is any travel involved, please be aware that you must cover your own costs.


The Sidewalk programme is free of charge. However, InnoEnergy has a right to equity if you decide to create a company.

You can still apply, we are happy to look at all projects and then our selection committee decides on who will be accepted. The area we would like to promote, however, is digitalisation of the energy sector, because we are looking to enhance our start-up portfolio with digital solutions.

It is not obligatory, but it is the best option to grow and make your company a success.


For the first screening we will select start-ups based on the potential of the idea, for the second assessment (between the 1st and 2nd phases) the selection will be made according the market potential of the idea and the soundness of the team.

If you have any further questions that are not answered above, please get in touch with us at: