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Solable launches LAVIE 2GO

April 30, 2019

[Press release – 04/25/2019]

In 2018, Solable launched LaVie, a premium tap water purification solution that uses no consumables at all, through a crowdfunding platform first, and quickly followed by thirty brick and mortar stores from the Boulanger retail group. Sales of a thousand smart water purifier units in 41 countries with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback have set the stage for the worldwide launch of a new product range, which will take place in May 2019 via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

A newly designed device created by the company, called “LAVIE 2GO” is for everybody, because it has a smaller footprint and 0.5L capacity: and is great for sportspersons, office workers or travellers, etc. With the same premium purification process that relies on chlorine photolysis and reactive oxygen species creation, and a 15 min treatment duration, LAVIE 2GO will be commercialized in stores from July 2019 onwards, at a public price of 99€. The presale price on Indiegogo will be 70€ and early birds will receive their product in June. The ultra-light anodized aluminium case will be available in six stylish colours that will appeal to just about anyone. For improved transportability, LAVIE 2GO is powered by an usb-c QC3.0 adapter, which also ensures compatibility with portable power banks for outdoor uses.

Solable is forecasting sales of 10,000 units for the whole range of LaVie products in 2019, to reach a one million euros turnover. A 1-litre version more convenient for home use will be available later this year. The whole 2019 lineup comes with an ultra-transparent borosilicate glass bottle with a new bamboo top. The environmental chemistry laboratory of Aix-Marseille University just showed that the LaVie treatment can degrade Carbamazepine, an anti-epileptic medicine which is also the most frequently occurring in tap water. Their ongoing study to further validate the efficiency of LaVie in reducing traces of drugs from tap water, an issue just as big as pesticides, will be soon published at The reduction in glyphosate levels was already assessed in 2018.

Tech for good, with a social and environmental impact, the goal of LaVie is not only to produce purer water, but also to provide access to safe drinking water in developing countries wherever it is lacking. A significant part of the company’s turnover serves that purpose in the form of donations. Indeed, a pilot operation is being prepared and will be carried out by the founders, Pascal Nuti and Saadi Brahmi, who will go to Tunisia in May to distribute hundreds of LaVie SUN systems to those who need it. LaVie is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic pitcher filters, and a fantastic solution to fight against plastic bottles that have disastrous consequences on the environment, and our oceans in particular.


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