Business Creation

Solean raised €2 million

September 27, 2019

Solean just raised €2 million, which is helping the company produce its “next generation” equipment and support a commercial and communication campaign.

This breakthrough highly innovative solution brings a paradigm shift to the solar industry. Solean pieces of equipment are indeed scalable and modular, much smaller than classic ones, much more frugal at every level (components, energy, maintenance, manpower, …) while bringing complete flexibility and better reliability, quality, efficiency.

This solution is notably interesting to foster a shift to local, agile, flexible productions for both existing and new fast-growing markets like “integrated Photovoltaic” (Building PV, Vehicle PV, and more generally Mobility PV applications). Regain more independence locally and lower carbon footprint is a fundamental social, ecological and business stake.

Solean’s objective is to reach 20€M in sales by 2024, an ambitious plan that implies to sell throughout Europe and beyond.



Solean, created in 2016 and supported by InnoEnergy since 2018 offers a special modular machine for photovoltaic panels assemblers.