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Start-up Eco-Tech Ceram values industrial energy and launches a crowdfunding campaign

July 28, 2017
[Press release] 24-07-2017 – Rivesaltes, France. Eco-Tech Ceram (ETC) calls every company, every community and every citizen to become an actor in the energy transition!

ETC is a French company which has been supported by the InnoEnergy Highway™ since 2015. It designs an innovative ecological and cost-effective energy storage solution: the EcoStock.
The EcoStock is a rechargeable battery of the size of a container, made of ceramics produced from the recycling of residual materials and which allows :

  1. the improvement of the energy efficiency of industries by recovering their lost heat,
  2. the increase of competitiveness potential for renewable energies by storing surplus energy produced outside peak consumption.

Then, stored energy is recovered as heat or electricity, low-cost and carbon-free. This innovative product has attracted major players in the energy and industrial sectors. The 1st EcoStock unit is already built, the next step is verifying its operation in an industrial site and then launching the product in French and international markets.

A crowdfunding campaign to support its development

The solution developed by Eco-Tech Ceram is a powerful key for the reduction of greenhouse gases and the implementation of the energy transition. These global issues concern the whole society: this is why Eco-Tech Ceram calls every company, community and every citizen to invest in the energy transition.

ETC is launching a a crowdfunding campaign on the Enerfip platform. With a €10 donation, each contributor becomes an ETC shareholder. It is attractive to anyone who wants to invest in a profitable investment by taking part in a social and environmentally responsible company. The objective of the campaign is to raise €375,000.

EcoStock awarded at the World Innovation Competition

EcoStock is a rechargeable heat battery (up to 1000° C) which is in the form of a container, therefore easily transportable. Heat storage allows us to valorize the energy lost in the fumes of industrial processes and to improve market value of renewable energies. This recovered energy can then be restored as heat, steam, electricity or cold. The EcoStock is designed as an eco-responsible product, using thermal storage materials from the circular economy, made from waste and industrial co-products. The EcoStock is one of the keys to a decarbonized, decentralized and above all low-cost energy production. This innovative product has received the interest of the major industrial players (Dalkia, ArcelorMittal …).
Eco-Tech Ceram is part of the Paris Agreement, of which the main objective is to reach carbon neutrality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight against climate change. Thus, the EcoStock creates a strategic industrial sector for growth, generating:

 economic profits, reducing energy bills;
• environmental profits, recycling waste energy and limiting CO2 emissions;
• societal profits, by creating jobs that cannot be outsourced

ETC’s ambition is to introduce the EcoStock to the international market, in order to promote the development of renewable energies and to provide solutions for industrial energy efficiency for the whole world.

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About Eco-Tech Ceram

Based in Rivesaltes, near Perpignan (south of France), the Eco-Tech Ceram team is made up of 10 people including 3 PhDs from PROMES research laboratory (CNRS / University of Perpignan) and a general manager, Patrick Lemaitre, with 30 years of experience in management and operational management in the industrial sector.
ETC was awarded at the World Innovation Competition in 2014 and in 2015 in the Energy Storage category. The company was awarded with the energy transition award (in partnership with InnoEnergy and Dalkia) and with the innovation trophy from ArcelorMittal. ETC was present at COP21 and COP22 and is the candidate of the Horizon H2020 European competition. More information: