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Supersola joins InnoEnergy Boostway: Plug in the sun!

February 27, 2019

Supersola joins InnoEnergy Boostway: Plug in the sun!

InnoEnergy and Supersola team up to further roll-out their smart solar system, a plug-and-play solar panel that can be easily installed by anyone in under 15 minutes.

The solution

Solar Panels are a big investment, yet it is not possible to test solar panels first or to start out with just a few; it’s a complex process that involves choosing an installer, selecting solar panels, inverters, etc. Furthermore, solar panels are currently mainly bought by home owners, not renters.

The Supersola addresses these hurdles and makes sustainable energy easy. It allows anyone to create solar energy and carry it with them when they move house. Simply place the Supersola on a flat roof (or on any other flat surface), fill the ballast tanks with water, and plug the panel in any regular socket.  Start with a single Supersola, or place more and interconnect them with a simple plug-and-play connecting cable. It is that easy to generate electricity and help counter climate change.

Boostway programme

At InnoEnergy, we recognize the value in each business and we develop tailored programmes for individual businesses. We co-develop scale-ups as hands-on partners. The company will receive direct input from our technology experts, business builders, supply chain experts and sales force, plus the distilled expertise of our entire ecosystem of energy partners.

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