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SurfCleaner secures Ragn-Sells deal delivering large-scale oil recovery and boosting circular economy

January 20, 2022

Water treatment specialist SurfCleaner has partnered with environmental company Ragn-Sells to deliver two specialist units for large-scale oil separation services in Stockholm, Sweden – doubling current oil recovery rates to near 100%.

This recovered oil can be resold and exported to multiple markets further contributing to the circular economy and increasing revenue streams for Ragn-Sells.

A market leader in waste management, environmental services and recycling across Scandinavia, the processing facility collects and treats circa 40,000 tonnes of oil from workshops, harbors, and industries annually.

SurfCleaner’s world-first ‘hybrid’ skimmer separators will now be introduced into the Stockholm operation, which manages up to 100 vacuum trucks of oil-contaminated water each week. The versatile SCO 1000, is transportable and can be controlled remotely, while the pioneering SCO 8000 device is capable of full oil removal and separation at industrial scale.

“Our latest contract with waste and water management leader Ragn-Sells helps demonstrate the caliber of Surfcleaner’s technology,” said SurfCleaner VP Sales Johan Jubner. “With years of experience in the water treatment sector, the SurfCleaner machines offer a unique capability, with close to 100% oil separation rates.”

Following recent tests at a Ragn-Sells site, SurfCleaner SCO 1000 was able to repeatedly remove up to 1000 liters of oil per hour, leaving pure water. This innovation will drive significant improvements compared to previous systems used on site, and other common systems in operation around the globe, which deliver closer to 50% oil recovery rates. Due to their effectiveness, SurfCleaner’s devices also open up revenue streams by extracting larger quantities of oil which can be resold and exported to multiple markets – further contributing to the circular economy.

“Ragn-Sells signals our ambition to work with industry leaders,” said SurfCleaner CEO Mikael Andersson. “We see major potential for our technology across multiple sectors including industrial wastewater processes, refineries, pulp, paper and textile manufacturing, tunneling, mining and broader infrastructure projects, as well as oil-spill clean-up and recovery projects across harbors, ports and coastlines. Effective reuse and recycling of products, charging-up the circular economy, is a core element of our company mission to support a sustainable future.”

While offering one of the most effective oil recovery and separation technologies on the market, SurfCleaner machines help operations strengthen their environmental credentials. Aside from being highly efficient and automatically operated, the SCO 1000 unit requires just 30Wh of energy, equivalent to a household lightbulb – generating further energy and cost-savings. The SCO 8000 machine will eliminate the compost creation, reducing overall environmental impact.

“If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we have to use more of the raw materials we have already extracted, like oil for example. A lot of people don’t know that waste oil can be restored to original base oil that can be re-introduced to the market and used again,” says Mikael Hedström, CEO of Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox.

SurfCleaner is part of Inovacor AB – a development company offering a range of products based on the pumping principles and auto-regulating function of the human heart. The DAPP (Dynamic Adaptive Piston Pump) technology was discovered by Swedish clinical physiologist Dr Stig Lundbäck MD PhD, in the 1980s.

Around 40 SurfCleaner units have been installed in the oil-water separation segment, serving a variety of customers including the Swedish Coast Guard, Preem Refinery, Esso Refinery, Sonatrach Refinery, Exxon Mobil and Ports of Stockholm.