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SurfCleaner launches world’s first wastewater ‘skimmer-separator’ tackling floating sludge

Accumulating in large volumes, sludge residue is created as a by-product of the wastewater treatment processes, coming in the form of solid, semisolid or slurry residual material. Floating sludge in particular is costly, time-intensive and energy-draining to manage, with operators traditionally resorting to manual flushing and pumping with vast quantities… Read More

SurfCleaner secures Ragn-Sells deal delivering large-scale oil recovery and boosting circular economy

This recovered oil can be resold and exported to multiple markets further contributing to the circular economy and increasing revenue streams for Ragn-Sells. A market leader in waste management, environmental services and recycling across Scandinavia, the processing facility collects and treats circa 40,000 tonnes of oil from workshops, harbors, and… Read More

Global water-treatment specialist SurfCleaner expands global distributor network to Italy and Norway

The Swedish company SurfCleaner has appointed technical trader Christian Berner in Norway and Italian outfit WTE, specialising in aeration systems for wastewater treatment plants. This forms part of a major global expansion, as SurfCleaner aims to rapidly build its international distribution network already spanning across Europe, Asia,… Read More

SurfCleaner raises €4.8 million to accelerate global expansion

Water for more than six billion people is contaminated today. Only 20 percent of the world’s polluted drinking water is treated and the UN aims to increase that to 60 percent by 2030. The Swedish company SurfCleaner developed the world’s first hybrid skimmer… Read More

SurfCleaner wins Nordic Cleantech Open competition

Nordic Cleantech Open is a renowned start-up competition for cleantech entrepreneurs from the Nordic and Baltic regions. We are proud to announce that InnoEnergy-backed start-up SurfCleaner won the 2019 edition. Organised by Cleantech Scandinavia, the annual competition aims… Read More