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OneWatt EARS

OneWatt predicts and detects faults in industrial motors by literally listening to motors with our EARS and understanding those signals with AI and frequency analysis. Read More


Ingelia´s Plants turn organic waste, sludge, digestive, green and food waste into hydrochar, reducing opex compared to competing technologies. Plants are modular and are scaled up by adding reactors. Read More

Solaga UG

Solaga has developed and patented an unique technology that enables the use of microalgal facades to covert atmospheric carbon-dioxide into burnable biogas. Read More

Beedata Analytics S.L.

Customer engagement and business intelligence tools for Energy retail and distribution small and medium companies. The start-up Beedata tools drive insights through every customer channel to improve energy awareness, deepen relationships and enhance the productivity of sales and service teams. The need Develop new products to meet the customers’ specific… Read More

Phoenix BioPower

Phoenix BioPower is working to double the efficiency of biomass power generation. By achieving electrical efficiencies of 50 per cent by 2022 and 60 per cent by 2030, Phoenix BioPower will provide the most cost effective path to renewable, plannable, and reliable power for the future. Read More

Gensoric GmbH

Willpower – use CO2 to produce your own fuel at home! Gensoric introduces the first residential power-to-liquid and CO2 usage system. This system empowers individuals to produce their own fuel at home from surrounding resources namely: CO2, H2O and electricity. The core is a patent-protected electro-biocatalytical process technology that converts atmospheric… Read More


DCbrain is a Big Data solution dedicated to exploitation and maintenance issues of complex industrial networks (such as gas, water, electricity, logistic,…). We are now used by companies such as ENEDIS, Total, GRDF or SNCF. Our software is based on graph database models and machine learning tools that can transform… Read More

Eco-Tech Ceram

Thermal energy storage solutions using refractory ceramics produced from inorganic industrial waste. Eco-Tech Ceram develops new eco-efficient, transportable and modular thermal storage solutions. Inorganic secondary raw materials (e.g. industrial waste, such as coal fly ashes) is transformed into refractory ceramics, thus offering a low cost storage… Read More