Business Creation

OneWatt EARS

OneWatt predicts and detects faults in industrial motors by literally listening to motors with our EARS and understanding those signals with AI and frequency analysis. Read More


Solutions for production and distribution of artificial snow with low CO2 footprint and low weather dependance. Read More

Cloud Energy Optimiser

The Cloud Energy Optimizer predicts the energy demand in a building and deploys various energy resources as efficiently as possible. The self-learning software combines all kinds of information to predict the needs of all users in the building. Based on this data, it proactively deploys the most sustainable and cheapest… Read More

vilisto GmbH

vilisto offers an energy saving solution for radiator heated office buildings enabling savings of up to 40% of heating costs. The AI-based proprietary technology uses self-learning algorithms and integrated presence detection to turn off heating when users are not detected and reduces energy use by anticipating user behaviour based on… Read More

Gensoric GmbH

Willpower – use CO2 to produce your own fuel at home! Gensoric introduces the first residential power-to-liquid and CO2 usage system. This system empowers individuals to produce their own fuel at home from surrounding resources namely: CO2, H2O and electricity. The core is a patent-protected electro-biocatalytical process technology that converts atmospheric… Read More


UNI-HEAT can offer own ice-making system based on flexible membranes which can support air-conditioning. Thermal energy storage TES is like a battery .It uses standard cooling equipment, plus an energy storage tank to shift all or a portion of a building’s cooling needs to off-peak, night time hours. The need As demands for electric… Read More