Business Creation


Product name: Energiot Cube. Piezoelectric microgenerators based on harvesting ambient energy and the integration of low-cost, self-powered wireless autonomous sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT). Key features: Multiple energy sources Low cost manufacturing Reduced size Autonomous & smart Modular & reliable Innovative… Read More

OneWatt EARS

OneWatt predicts and detects faults in industrial motors by literally listening to motors with our EARS and understanding those signals with AI and frequency analysis. Read More


FineCell specialises in developing and producing renewable and high-performance nanomaterials that consists of cellulose. The cellulose nanomaterials or nanocellulose are used in many industrial applications, such asĀ reinforcement fillers for developing extra strong and lightweight composites; paper and board products, or renewable packaging, as well as multifunctional additives for enhancing performances… Read More


Flexible WEB platform to control several systems that has intelligence models that allow the automatic and efficient control of water and energy consumer systems. Read More