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The start-up Pro-Drone develops technologies to carry out the inspection of energy infrastructures, using cost-efficient, robust and automated airborne solutions. Pro-Drone is focused on solutions for wind turbine blade inspections, particularly offshore, and transmission lines. Pro-Drone’s approach is integrated and involves a customised hardware platform, tuning flight algorithms, specific sensors and tailored post-processing… Read More

Smalle Technologies

The start-up Smalle Technologies works in the energy harvesting industry. The company owns technology designed to transduce mechanical energy into electrical energy through an innovative electromagnetic system design, and will commercialise a device for generating electricity from low frequency oscillations. The first applications of the device are buoys and sailboats. The… Read More

CorPower Ocean

An innovation based on the pumping principles of the human heart, CorPower Ocean AB has created a wave energy converter (WEC), a compact, highly-efficient product that offers five times the annual output of energy per tonne than any previously known technology. The step-change improvement in performance enables an… Read More