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OneWatt EARS

OneWatt predicts and detects faults in industrial motors by literally listening to motors with our EARS and understanding those signals with AI and frequency analysis. Read More

Wind Tuning Systems (WTS)

Several small flaps are adhered to rotors via adhesive technology. A passive model and pneumatically controlled models are planed to enhance the yield of wind energy facilities. Read More


The start-up VERTEQUIP (Vertical Equipment) was created with the unique purpose of developing parts and equipment necessary to the sectors of construction, industry, renewable energies, services and maintenance for vertical structures. Our mission is “to develop simple and effective equipments that are able to increase safety and productivity in works at… Read More


Advanced IoT cloud solutions to monitor, diagnose and control wind turbines. The start-up Smartive develops IT solutions for the energy market. It provides advanced services of real-time SCADA data processing to diagnose windmills and focus on the development of low cost diagnosis systems based on cloud computing, smart devices… Read More


The start-up Pro-Drone develops technologies to carry out the inspection of energy infrastructures, using cost-efficient, robust and automated airborne solutions. Pro-Drone is focused on solutions for wind turbine blade inspections, particularly offshore, and transmission lines. Pro-Drone’s approach is integrated and involves a customised hardware platform, tuning flight algorithms, specific sensors and tailored post-processing… Read More


The start-up Nnergix helps energy traders, grid/market operators, self-consumption owners and plant managers integrate renewable energy production in the power grid, offering diverse and accurate forecast solutions using big data from the industry. Nnergix’s cutting-edge technology combines satellite weather data and energy production values, providing customised solutions and specific monitoring designed… Read More