Business Creation


Product name: Energiot Cube. Piezoelectric microgenerators based on harvesting ambient energy and the integration of low-cost, self-powered wireless autonomous sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT). Key features: Multiple energy sources Low cost manufacturing Reduced size Autonomous & smart Modular & reliable Innovative… Read More

FlexiDAO S.E.S. (Smart Energy Services)

A platform that controls and optimizes EV charging and other flexible loads, providing extra income for the owners while helping energy companies to stabilize the grid and consume more green energy. Read More

Prime Design Sweden

Prime Design Sweden AB manufactures the next generation of smart logistics and energy-efficient light equipment based on state-of-the-art LED technology. Products like its mobile Baselight self-contained LED light tower help users to minimize logistics and maintenance costs and provide extremely energy-efficient light in all climates. These attributes will be especially… Read More

Beedata Analytics S.L.

Customer engagement and business intelligence tools for Energy retail and distribution small and medium companies. The start-up Beedata tools drive insights through every customer channel to improve energy awareness, deepen relationships and enhance the productivity of sales and service teams. The need Develop new products to meet the customers’ specific… Read More

Greinon Engineering

Greinon develops and commercialises smart city control systems, primarily lighting control technologies, for multiple applications such as waste management, traffic management, statistical analysis and more. The system includes hardware and software that together enable energy savings of up to 85 per cent, improve data collection and analysis and predictability of… Read More


SEPIN helps retail utilities in business and operational processes resulting in reduced costs, increased customer engagement and increased sales. The venture provides metering data and unique data about energy customer behaviour which can be used by marketing, sales and project teams to create personalised offers, real-time promotions and… Read More


The need The world is based on the consumption of goods stored by nature and created by humans. As the world’s population increases, consumption expands and more waste and more by-products are generated. The excessive emission of greenhouse gases – mainly CO2 – has reached critical levels, with… Read More