Business Creation

FlexiDAO S.E.S. (Smart Energy Services)

A platform that controls and optimizes EV charging and other flexible loads, providing extra income for the owners while helping energy companies to stabilize the grid and consume more green energy. Read More

Prime Design Sweden

Prime Design Sweden AB manufactures the next generation of smart logistics and energy-efficient light equipment based on state-of-the-art LED technology. Products like its mobile Baselight self-contained LED light tower help users to minimize logistics and maintenance costs and provide extremely energy-efficient light in all climates. These attributes will be especially… Read More


SEPIN helps retail utilities in business and operational processes resulting in reduced costs, increased customer engagement and increased sales. The venture provides metering data and unique data about energy customer behaviour which can be used by marketing, sales and project teams to create personalised offers, real-time promotions and… Read More


Smart sensor solutions for the optimisation of the electric grid. The start-up Eneida® develops and delivers especially designed, low cost, low power and robust wireless smart sensor networks, integrated with specific machine learning algorithms and a collaborative software platform. Such networks enable electric utilities to optimise the condition and operation of their critical assets… Read More


Advanced IoT cloud solutions to monitor, diagnose and control wind turbines. The start-up Smartive develops IT solutions for the energy market. It provides advanced services of real-time SCADA data processing to diagnose windmills and focus on the development of low cost diagnosis systems based on cloud computing, smart devices… Read More


DCbrain is a Big Data solution dedicated to exploitation and maintenance issues of complex industrial networks (such as gas, water, electricity, logistic,…). We are now used by companies such as ENEDIS, Total, GRDF or SNCF. Our software is based on graph database models and machine learning tools that can transform… Read More


SCiBreak is a spin off from KTH that develops ultra-fast circuit breakers for medium and high voltage based on an innovative concept that enables the interruption of fault currents in both AC and DC grids in a few milliseconds. Standard AC breakers require tens of milliseconds, during which disturbances and… Read More