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Solaga UG

Solaga has developed and patented an unique technology that enables the use of microalgal facades to covert atmospheric carbon-dioxide into burnable biogas. Read More


Deltalys develops, commercialises and operates eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment. Solutions include: improved processes, dedicated digital solutions and an innovative business approach that enables industrial gas producers to enhance sites profitably, while lowering the operational risks linked to gas processing. These integrated solutions, based on a circular-economy approach, amount… Read More


Sustainable biofuel and bioenergy from municipal solid waste. The start-up PERSEO Bioethanol® Technology has developed a completely innovative urban solid waste valorisation treatment that obtains two commercial high value products for energy use: second generation bioethanol for fuel vehicle uses, and a high calorific value solid organic fuel capable of producing heat and electricity by cogeneration. PERSEO… Read More

Arol Energy

Arol Energy is specialised in gas processing and renewable energy production, project management and turnkey engineering design (standardised design or design adapted to the customer’s needs), on-site construction and installation, and plant commissioning and maintenance. Arol Energy has developed an innovative business model based on: “Turnkey solutions” (the concept of… Read More