Business Creation


Off-grid refueling options for gas operated vehicles. Any type of gas. Anywhere. Anytime. Read More


FineCell specialises in developing and producing renewable and high-performance nanomaterials that consists of cellulose. The cellulose nanomaterials or nanocellulose are used in many industrial applications, such as reinforcement fillers for developing extra strong and lightweight composites; paper and board products, or renewable packaging, as well as multifunctional additives for enhancing performances… Read More


Our current product is the aH60 hybrid solar panel, but we are already developing the aH72 panel for this year. Read More

FlexiDAO S.E.S. (Smart Energy Services)

A platform that controls and optimizes EV charging and other flexible loads, providing extra income for the owners while helping energy companies to stabilize the grid and consume more green energy. Read More


Solutions for production and distribution of artificial snow with low CO2 footprint and low weather dependance. Read More


Hymeth has developed a non-precious metal electrocatalyst that efficiently splits water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce methane, a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas. Using a readily-available, non-precious metal instead of a precious one, e.g. Platinum Iridium Black, reduces costs significantly. The company’s initial objective is to replace the… Read More

Prime Design Sweden

Prime Design Sweden AB manufactures the next generation of smart logistics and energy-efficient light equipment based on state-of-the-art LED technology. Products like its mobile Baselight self-contained LED light tower help users to minimize logistics and maintenance costs and provide extremely energy-efficient light in all climates. These attributes will be especially… Read More