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vilisto wins ENTEGA’s “Best of X Smart City” competition, endowed with € 25,000

December 17, 2018

InnoEnergy’s supported startup vilisto GmbH has emerged as the winner of the „Best of X Smart City” competition, which is presented by energy service provider ENTEGA.

The startup came out on top in a workshop contest, in which the developed project ideas had to be presented and defended in a boxing ring.

The competition is endowed with 25.000 € and was jointly organized in cooperation with the Founders Fight Club and ENTEGA.

Besides vilisto, nine other startups took part in the two-day workshop to develop new cooperative projects on smart cities and energy. The aim was to connect young entrepreneurs and established companies to effectively develop commonalities.

“We didn’t just want to listen to the founders, our goal was to develop innovative projects directly from ideas, together with them and our employees” explains ENTEGA CEO Dr. Marie-Luise Wolff.

vilisto could convince the jury with its self-learning radiator thermostats. In contrast to the products available on the market to date, vilisto’s solution, which is designed primarily for office buildings, does not require any programming or remote control via app. The system learns on its own when which rooms need to be heated and thus helps to reduce heating costs and avoid unnecessary heating.

“We combine self-learning algorithms with reliable presence detection. Our thermostats thus solve the free-rider problem in office buildings, where employees use the heating energy but do not have to pay for it themselves, and therefore leave the radiators turned up unnecessarily after work”, explains vilisto co-founder Christian Brase, who had climbed into the ring for the company and who is very happy to receive award.

“This is not only an exciting format, it also enables the implementation of innovative ideas.” says Brase.


Picture (c) Simon Motz Fotografie