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Welcome to illicov at InnoEnergy France

November 4, 2019

InnoEnergy France just welcomed a new project: the company La Roue Verte, and its new service called illicov that we will support.

Currently, daily carpooling is stagnating because the solutions that are being developed do not meet commuters’ expectations. And yet there is a need: cities are saturated, daily journeys are expensive. Leader on the B2G carpool market, La Roue Verte disrupts the sector by launching illicov to meet the frustration of commuters: a fully spontaneous service (one click, no planning), 100% accurate (guarantee of 15 minutes maximum waiting time), economical (savings every month). illicov removes all the constraints linked to carpooling with the primary ambition of fighting against fuel poverty and of reducing carbon emissions.


illicov also enables local authorities to meet a demand that is difficult to address because of the investments and fixed management costs that a bus line requires.


illicov decided to partner with InnoEnergy to accelerate its development in France in the first instance and then on a European level. After having implemented their proof of concept in 2017, ILLICOV fully industrialized its operation thanks to algorithms that will then allow them to develop even more the offer for the benefit of users. Its ever-increasing customer acquisition rate proves that they are right on target! They are launching a first fundraising campaign to accelerate their transition to scale: contact them and press the throttle with illicov!