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Welcome to iNex Circular

February 14, 2020

Welcome to iNex Circular, that just joined InnoEnergy France’s acceleration programme. iNex is the first platform dedicated to a circular economy for companies.

Currently, 80% of the waste comes from industry and construction, among those, 60% are not recycled in Europe. The first reason is because of a lack of information from recycling players: private players and regions. 

iNex Circular’s ​​mission is to provide recycling stakeholders with strategic data on local recycling opportunities through the design of material flow detection tools that are based on open data and machine learning. In a few clicks, iNex performs the equivalent of a territorial audit of several months on waste flows, with more precise targeting. The solution is explained in 7 steps:

  1. Scrapping: robots browse and aggregate relevant data available online (guarantees a permanent and automated update of data).
  2. Homogenisation: From hundreds of open-data sources and supplemented by real or declarative data, our processes automatically transform the different data formats into the final format that will be returned to the user.
  3. Creation of sector profiles: thanks to statistical recurrence, profiles make it possible to dynamically assign resources and waste to companies on which we do not have actual data.
  4. Prediction: models refine profiles and personalize them with specific data for each company.
  5. Enrichment: companies files are then enriched with essential data for canvassing: phone numbers and mail of prospects
  6. Manual verification and upload: analysts verify representative samples of the data by calling the present companies. As soon as models are validated by the team, data is available for the customers who can use it. 
  7. Feedback: customers can provide them with their opinions on the quality of the given predictions and data that are present in the tool.

The company is joining InnoEnergy because its first area of development is biogas and renewable energies. Therefore, iNex will be able to benefit from InnoEnergy’s contacts in the sector. They expect to find business development opportunities and specific advice on their products’ evolution.