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Welcome to Mob-Energy: a new way to charge electric vehicles

February 3, 2020

Mob-Energy, a new start-up in our programme, is working on electric mobility through innovative charging services. 

Today parking companies that want to deploy infrastructure for electric vehicles face two issues:

  • it implies to upgrade the whole existing electrical infrastructure
  • it implies to book specific parking slots for electric vehicles only, that reduces occupancy rate

Thus, a solution is needed. That is why Mob Energy develops and sells a new kind of charging solution for parking managers: an autonomous and mobile robot that stores, transports and delivers energy to every electric vehicle parked on a parking slot without having to install a single charging station. Two types of charging robots exist. Charles, ideal for sites where charging is part of a more global service offering and Bolt, a more compact robot, that can be used in constrained and highly condensed parking where charging services is the main expected on site. 

Today, Mob-Energy joined InnoEnergy program for four reasons: 

  • In the first place, for the funding, in particular in research and development in which the company still has projects to lead before reaching The final solution. InnoEnergy can also help them consolidate future rounds and play an investment role in the next key phases. 
  • For the general management support: to consolidate facets of the start-up like recruitment, business development, marketing and communication and so on. 
  • The entrepreneurs believe they still have to learn and want to consolidate their knowledge on all the key points of entrepreneurship.
  • Finally, the access to InnoEnergy’s ecosystem like TBB-type events, connections (with research, manufacturers, start-ups and institutional partners) is consistent with the typology of their project.